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Accurate Distribution Solutions from Carencro, LA

When it comes to distribution solutions, Stratotec understands that accuracy is everything. Correct order processing, proper pick and pack distributing, and automated shipping procedures ensure satisfied customers and partners and low return costs. An accurate up-to-the-minute view of inventory helps to keep the costs down. Moreover, the capabilities of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software will enable you to save costs over paper-based processes while providing customers with faster information flows. 

Our distribution solutions improve accuracy and efficiency across your value chain. From smooth order processing workflows to total warehouse automation, inventory control, and field service solutions, we'll help you deliver products to your customers faster, better, and more profitably.

Contact us to know more about our industry solutions and manufacturing processes. Based in Carencro, LA, Stratotec helps businesses throughout the entire US.

A Word from One of Our Clients

"Our new system helps keep us competitive. EDI used to account for half of all our business, and now it's up to 80%. Clearly, electronic capabilities help ensure our growth."

- Milt Strader

President, Welco Manufacturing Company