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Liaison CRM & Messenger

Liaison CRM is a customer relationship management solution that seamlessly integrates into Sage PFW giving your company “real-time” information from Platinum.  Liaison has a proven track record and offers the following benefits:

  • Pull up customer’s billing and payment history with opening up Sage PFW.
  • View customer profiles with data from Sage PFW with one mouse click.
  • Look up open orders including line item detail without going into Sage PFW.
  • Generate real time aging reports.
  • Review sales history by product.
  • Streamline your credit and collection procedures.

Liaison Messenger offers batch faxing and email forms from Sage PFW, Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200.See what the slickest automated Forms Server can do for your company.  Start Faxing, E-mailing, Routing and Digitally archiving all of your business forms while eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed forms.  Past due invoices can now be distributed with statements to the customer’s preference – e-mail, fax or print.  When making your receivables calls one of the first responses you get from your customer is “we didn’t receive that invoice.”  With Messenger, now you can automate distributing all past due invoices along with the Customer’s Statement.

For additional information regarding Liaison CRM & Messenger contact Stratotec and see how we can help your company become even more successful & efficient.


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