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NWA Process & Statistical Control

Northwest Analytical (NWA) is the world’s leading provider of statistical process control (SPC) software. NWA’s software solutions allow manufacturers and laboratories to better monitor, control and improve their processes.  In more that 20 years of serving leading manufacturers, NWA has proven that SPC software doesn’t have to be difficult.  It just has to be effective.  NWA software is internationally recognized for its power, ease-of-use and tight integration with manufacturing information systems.  Our customers get up and running faster, and deliver results sooner.

With the NWA suite of easy-to-use SPC software, you can see a significant return on your investment-and quickly.  Most NWA customer’s are up and running within a few days, and getting to an ROI faster than with any other SPC provider.  As you continue using our software to improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality, the returns just keep growing.

The NWA software suite covers your entire operation, including manufacturing, laboratories, process engineering, quality assurance and management.  While the software is powerful, it’s easy for you and your operations staff to use and understand.  In addition, customer experience shows NWA is the easiest SPC software to integrate with multiple databases.  Why?  Because only NWA’s solutions let you choose whether to implement a dedicated SPC database or integrate to existing quality, laboratory or manufacturing databases.  This makes the NWA suite the most scalable, adaptable and database-independent of any SPC software solution available.

For additional information regarding Northwest Analytical contact Stratotec and see how we can help your company become even more successful & efficient.


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