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O2 Process Manufacturing & Bar Code

O2 was designed by process manufacturing experts for process manufacturers, from customer specifications and formula engineering / costing to production, quality control, regulatory reporting and security, what we present to you is a complete system for managing your whole business cycle.  O2 has the tools necessary to eliminate the “islands of data” that many companies find exist in formulation, quality control, planning and production departments, and to make the entire enterprise visible to those who are making daily critical decisions.

Formula-based manufacturers are requiring more out of their production software than ever before.  No longer are they simply looking for formula management, production and accounting.  In the highly competitive and highly regulated industry of today’s process manufacturers, companies are relying on technology to do more with less, while maintaining strict security over their information.  Regulations such as the Bioterrorism Act, FDA’s CFR11 are just a few of the regulations that O2 can help an organization manage with ease.

If formulas are only a portion of your business operations, O2 is the first true mixed-mode manufacturing on the market today.  With capabilities such as bill of materials and routings, O2 is a complete solution for your mixed mode needs.

Product – O2 Mobile Warehouse

Process manufacturing generally has complex requirements in the warehouse environment.  Warehouse personnel may have to manage inventory lots, expiration dates, hazardous materials, quality control release/quarantine, etc.  O2 Mobile Warehouse was specifically designed to enable material handlers to effectively and easily manage these inventory complexities.

This module, in conjunction with the O2 Process Manufacturing module of MAS 500 allows you to create production pick tickets based on rules you define, FEFO (first-expire, first out), oldest lot, single lot picking, etc. and either request or require your material handlers to pick these lots.  Do you allow your material handlers to determine the material to pick?  No problem, O2 Mobile Warehouse can tell your material handlers what item to pick, where the items reside in your plant and allow them to chose the appropriate lots.

As materials are produced and potentially put on pallets or in containers, O2 Mobile Warehouse can allow your material handlers to enter quantities produced for the batch, identify the pallet/container that they are on and track that pallet/container throughout your warehouse.

Flexible, rules-driven, simplicity I operation; words that describe how O2 Mobile Warehouse with Smart-Barcode technology will manage the complexities of your process manufacturing operation while providing ease of use to your employees enabling your employees rapid adoption to process change.

For additional information regarding O2 products contact Stratotec and see how we can help your company become even more successful & efficient.


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