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STC EDI/ Credit Card Processing & Tiger Warehouse Automation Suite

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides several necessary functions.  First, it handles communications with the various Value Added Networks (VAN), such as Sterling Commerce. It also validates the inbound and outbound file structures to verify their compliance with the ANSI guidelines.  For inbound documents, it automatically generates a Functional Acknowledgement (FA or 997) which will be sent back to the Trading Partner indicating receipt of the document.  Finally, the translator will convert the 850 sent by a Trading Partner to PFW Order header and Line files and provide a report on Orders imported.

Once orders are processed/shipped in Sage PFW, Advance Ship Notice (856) and Invoice (810) EDI Files can be generated and transmitted to the trading partners’ VAN.  STC currently supports the GENTRAN (Sterling Commerce) or E-manio VANs.

Credit Card Processing Plug In for STC E-Z Order Entry (IC Verify Interface).  Adds the capability to process Credit Card payments online Using IC Verify.  It also supports “split” payments (cash and credit on the same Order).   Interfaces to HHP Credit Card /Signature Capture Terminals is included.  

Tiger Warehouse Automation Suite offers a full line of modules.  From purchase order receipting to physical count and warehouse moves Tiger Warehouse Automation handles the scanning with ease.  It also tracks production, advanced serialization, and picking/shipping.  Tiger Warehouse Automation has been designed for Sage PFW.  It is a wireless, real time system-handheld devices immediately update Sage PFW files over a wireless network.  No batch synching or duplication of data.

For additional information regarding STC EDI or Tiger Warehouse Automation contact Stratotec and see how we can help your company become even more successful & efficient.


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