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Sage PFW ERP (formerly Platinum for Windows by Best and BatchMasterPFW) is an award-winning comprehensive financial, distribution, and process manufacturing solution.  It provides companies with 10 to 500 employees and $5 million to $150 million in revenues with a flexible, expandable architecture, and is particularly well suited for import/export and companies that want to utilize their software across country borders.  Its process manufacturing modules add specifically targeted capabilities to boost production, maximize profits, and increase efficiency in your supply chain.

Sage PFW is the only software of its kind that was developed from the ground up to address the unique challenges of process manufacturing.  Developed for process manufacturers in the paints and coatings, specialty chemical, consumer packaged goods, foods, and nutraceutical industries, Sage PFW streamlines processing from formula research and development, to production and the printing of labels and MSDS.  Flexible measurement and batch-sizing capabilities ensure that you minimize waste and maximize profitability.

In addition, this complete business management and process manufacturing solution uses an advanced three-tier architecture.  Several tasks such as posting routines, reports, listings, and utilities optionally run on application servers instead of client workstations-reducing net work traffic and bottlenecks.  This increases user productivity and improves system performance.

Powerful data handling supports both hard and soft consolidations in multiple currencies, and multiple companies in various languages.  Best of all, this modular solution is flexible and scalable, providing the ability to integrate and customize the system to easily satisfy both common and specific business requirements in most any industry.

For additional information regarding Sage PFW contact Stratotec and see how we can help your company become even more successful & efficient.


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